Raider - The Creator!


Hi, I am Raider. I am 20 years old, and I am from Amsterdam.
I found my passion for creating and designing at a very early age. Since I grew up in a family where art was always around me, I developed a great interest in artistic work and creation. For me, art is the pure freedom of expression, although I call myself a creator.

I intend to create something that makes me and the collectors interact with my design. I am a storyteller in some way. My first sculpture, the figure Scoop, should bring joy and color to the world while having a purpose. Scoop is from another planet and learns about humans and our behavior. And we – while watching – intend to figure out what Scoop is.

This process of exploration and triggered Phantasie is the interaction I want to create with my artworks.

Some examples of my creations


3 –  2 – 1 –  ignition sequence start – Manifest Scoop 

What if  

This figure was a probe, sent to us via a thought transmitter – lightyears away and manifested here by an artist’s hand, as they say. A something in a skaphander of spheroids plunged down to us in our steaming atmosphere? 

What if 

This figure had come to us in a starship? Hidden from our eyes by its presence. What if the ship had been consumed by the voyage like strawberry vanilla ice cream by children? 

What if 

this figure would be good to everything that breathes, to clever cows and hesitant spiders, to the silent herd under the earth, to the chemically whispering roots of the forests, to the parrots, to the colorful birds in general? For how shall one not be good to those who live contemporaneously? 

What if 

This figure’s memory is so empty from flying lightyears through nothingness? A memory that runs out? When the journey to the destination costs the origin? 

What if 

It considered male and female as something like the pendulum beat of a clock, ebb and flow? What if, instead, it lived in the intermediate realm, undecided and both simultaneously? 

What if 

It became more earthly among us as we become more alien in its court?  

What if 

It is learning us like a new language, it would teach us to understand each other?



Yellowpop Neon Signs: 





Art Miami 2022 – NOV 9 – DEC 4

Interview with Art Al Limite – October 2021 

  1. How did you get to visual art?  

As a kid, I grew up in a family where art was always around us. I had to accompany my parents many times to exhibitions, galleries, and museums. For my sister, it was boring – but for me, it was the universe. I loved it and got inspired. Sometimes I missed the story behind artworks, which made me think of doing it differently with my art. I started to do sketches for my creatures and thought about giving them attitudes and unique characteristics. 

  1. Can you tell me an anecdote about yourself, about your work as an artist?

I had this appointment with a collector from Amsterdam, who had contacted me via Instagram. It was my first possible sale – while I was driving to my studio, my old car broke down because I lost my Exhaust. I could not make it in time. Lucky me, the collector waited and bought the first Scoop, and I could buy a new exhaust. Today I have to laugh about it, but it got me the first idea of what it means to make a living being an artist.   

  1. How did Scoop came out? What motivated you to create it from the start?

I pretty early started with sketching characters and thinking about creating stories around them. Most of them never became alive, or I lost interest. With Scoop, it was different.  


The first Scoop Sketches I did back three years ago. I instantly had the feeling it was something new and unique, in some way, alive. Something that I created, but it seems to have a soul. By the way. Many of my collectors tell me that Scoop became a kind of family member. I know a well-known stock trader in Germany who already has three Scoops who said to me that every time he buys or sells stocks – he makes a secret conversation with Scoop (laughing). That is a big motivation for me as an artist. There is nothing better if people start to adopt your creation and love it.   

After a process of two more years, thinking, making, and trying out, Scoop became more and more perfect for me; However, he still had to develop its characteristics; it was ready to get out and explore the world by itself in October 2019 via Instagram.   

  1. The Scoop sculpture allowed you to concrate yourself as one of the youngest recognized artists in Europe. Why do you think this creation was so successful from the beginning?

Social media allowed Scoop to be instantly recognized by people all around the world. Messages from China, Japan, America, and various countries in Europe started to fill my inbox. I think this has also to do with the appearance of Scoop. It is simply adorable.    

  1. On your website you mention that Scoop was discovered by “cool people” from the art world. Who are these people? What do you think that caught their attention about your work?

In 2019, I showed Scoop’s first “Prototype” to gallerist Martijn Wanrooij from Wanrooij Gallery in Amsterdam. He immediately fell in love and wanted to help me get into the market. Today he is the representing gallery.  

Alex Abraham from Germany contacted me on Instagram. Accidently he knew Martijn, as he is an artist manager. So both teamed up to support me. Since then, they have been the team behind me and have given me the freedom to concentrate on my art.   

  1. Today, who mainly buys your sculptures? How is the profile of your collectors? 

I am not very experienced with clients, but I know Scoop is recognized worldwide by art collectors, young and older. Some young art communities posted Scoop and Martijn told me that some works found their buyers into significant & essential art collections. The orders I received through social media came from all over the world. I even shipped pieces to the Caribbean.   

  1. Your sculptures allow you to place yourself within contemporary pop iconography. In this context, who are your references?  

I think mainly all sorts of visual cultures like cinema, animation, performance, music, and science influence my work. I love spinning records and have some great dutch DJs as friends. I love creative people and ideas. There are so many good artists around that are inspiring me. Art is a passion for me. To be able to be an artist is a dream.   

  1. In your work, you generate connections between the analog and digital, mixing screen printing, sculpture, painting … what other techniques do you usually work and experiment with? 

I am not limiting myself to specific techniques; I am experimenting with all kinds of possible methods and technology, from digital sketches to NFT’s and hand modeling to 3d and, finally, casting processes with all sorts of materials. I try to learn as much as possible, and every day I work on my skills.   

  1. According to your words, how would you define the character of Scoop? 

That is a good question, and that’s the fun about it. I can not answer it. Therefore I would like you to refer to the manifest I created and figure it out yourself. Be part of our journey, to find out what Scoop is all about. The figure tries to find out who we are – as we try to find out who Scoop is.  

  1. What does Scoop represent for contemporary art today? 

As an artist, this is hard to tell, but I would say it represents maybe the new generation of artists and art collectors.